Our Vineyards ...

• Michel Fagot cultivates 15 hectares of vineyards, spread across 4 different crus, on 38 plots: 20 of these are classified Premier Cru. They are located on the territory of Rilly-la-Montagne and Villers-Allerand, in the world-famous Montagne de Reims (Reims Mountain). The South-East facing slopes provide the finest Pinot Noirs and Meuniers.
The 18 plots located in Hermonville and Trigny, in the heart of Saint Thierry Massif, allow us to create wines full of character.

The culture of wine-growing

The mindset of biodynamic wine-growing

Zero herbicide, zero insecticide.
This is the golden rule we apply rigorously at our winery: we cultivate our vines according to the principles of biodynamic wine-growing and in perfect harmony with Mother Nature. Drawing their strength from the limestone soil, the plants are energised by natural ingredients such as silica and horn dung. These make them more resistant and enhance the organoleptic qualities of the grapes. Olivier uses techniques of responsible wine-growing which are perfectly in line with sustainable production.

An enduring commitment

We are about to obtain the French state-approved certification for environmental sustainability in the Champagne Industry (Haute Valeur Environnementale et Viticulture Durable en Champagne). This official recognition reflects our commitment to the continuous improvement of our environmental performance.

Pinot Blanc, a forgotten grape variety?
We are innovation-driven, but also concerned by the challenges of climate change. Therefore, we decided to grow a forgotten grape variety, the Pinot Blanc. Known to be light and refreshing, it holds many surprisesin years to com…

Environmental concerns call for the use of more eco-friendly packaging for our precious bottles. This encouraged Michel FagotChampagneto partner with craftsmen who share their sustainability mind-set. That is why we choose to work with Sparflex, who developed a line of “ Absolute GreenLine” foil capsules, in conjunction with Le Muselet Valentin, a living heritage company. We also use wine labels and boxes made entirely from recycled and recyclable materials