One man’s vision

Terroir and biodiversity

A vineyard should never have grape production for its sole purpose. As a supporter of biodiversity, Olivier considers himself above all as a vineyard-gardener. He feels a deep connection to his 170,000 root-stocks, which he observes, listens to, sees interacting with the surrounding ecosystem. Thisnature enthusiast restores the vineyard to the very heart of the landscape. Hedges, rose-bushes, forests, embankments, ladybirds, earthworms, bees… each and every element plays an essential role in attaining theright balance for intoning the collective symphony of nature.

One man’s vision

« Beehives against Champagne»

To go further in safeguarding the intelligence of life, Michel Fagot Champagne is a member of the Association Dardard, which works in the defense of bees, those wonderful pollinators of the vine flower and fierce defenders against harmful insects. Its citizens’ initiative “Beehives against Champagne” invites people to build beehives that then take pride of place in the Michel Fagot vineyard.

If you would like to join this adventure, do not hesitate to contact us at

One man’s vision

The taste of the authentic

The values and principles of his ancestors Georges Rousseau, Adrien and Michel Fagot inspired Olivier to work on the characteristic imprint of his wines. In parallel with the Estate's classic wines, he therefore decided to develop a new range of plot wines that encapsulate and sublimate, in a single bottle, all the richness that one plot can offer.